“I didn’t know I could finance that?”

Benson Leasing would like to remind our suppliers & customers that we can obtain finance for almost anything for your business and in a very tax effective way.

Last week I was on the phone to one of my customers having a light hearted conversation about what he was doing in his business and he mentioned that he was upgrading his lighting the new LED technology at a cost of approximately $15,000.

He also mentioned that although over time it would save him a lot of money, he didn’t really want to pull the money out of the business, because it caused havoc with his cash flow but he thought he had no choice.

That’s when I realised that over all the many conversation we had, he had never really been listening to me. I then told him “We finance LED LIGHTING”.

He was disappointed that he never asked the question about the LED Lighting and if he did he would have financed the LED Lighting.
Lucky for him, he hadn’t paid the invoice and we ended up finance it with an easy Operating Lease for him anyway, thus freeing his cash flow.

I know that many of our customers find themselves in the same situation, if they only had asked us the question. ”Can you finance…?

More often than not the answer will be “yes”.