Why use a Broker?

A broker can save you time and money and doesn’t necessarily cost you more. In fact, they often save you money and get the finance that you need that best suits the equipment you require.

A broker is not aligned with just one finance company, but has many finance companies on their books and can negotiate better rates and better conditions of approval or release. They can often have fees waived or reduced.

A good quality finance broker is qualified, experienced, a member of a regulatory group, has a code of conduct and has both internal and external resolution dispute procedures should any dissatisfaction arise.

They understand the different finance products on the market and the associated tax implications with each product and are considered as true professionals in their field.

Unlike a bank or a car dealer offering finance, a finance broker can assist a customer after the finance has been finalised (try calling a car dealer and getting them to help you with an account change or question). They will refer you to the finance company and want little more to do with you once they sold the car or product and have the money in their pocket.

Try calling a bank or finance company without supplying who you are, your customer number, and answering various security questions. If you manage to get that far, you can then spend endless hours on the phone, being diverted to various departments in overseas call centres or progressing through an automated computer system, just to be hung up on.

With a broker you have one point of contact – “the broker’’, who is available immediately for any questions. Often a broker will give free advice or a free indicative quote over the phone with no need to answer endless questions, or submit an application just to receive some basic information.