Wondering how the new Privacy Laws will affect you in obtaining Finance?

From 12 March a new set of privacy principles regarding the handling of personal information came into effect for businesses. These are the 13 new “Australian Privacy Principles”. The Privacy Act has been around for many years – it’s just had a revamp to protect you, the consumer.

The big changes relate to how businesses, such as Benson Leasing and our providers, handle, use, and store your personal information.

Applying for future finance from Benson Leasing will continue to be a simple process and will not become more difficult in the application process. You will still be able to apply for Finance with our online application, or by downloading an application, or by emailing or calling one of the staff at Benson Leasing to chat about your needs.

Benson Leasing is currently updating our already strong privacy policy, and reviewing our procedures and systems to ensure we comply with the new rules, and your information’s security continues to be guaranteed.

What are the Changes to credit reporting laws?

The Privacy Act now includes new credit reporting provisions including:
• the introduction of more comprehensive credit reporting, a simplified and enhanced correction and complaints process
• the introduction of civil penalties for breaches of certain credit reporting provisions
• a requirement for credit providers to be a member of an external dispute resolution scheme, recognised under the Privacy Act, to be able to participate in the credit reporting system.

Benson Leasing are already members of the Credit Ombudsman Service (member No:M0017210).

What rights do you as a Consumer have?

You will be given the right to access your personal information and correct out of date or incorrect information. Any direct marketing you receive from Benson Leasing does, and will continue to, provide a way to opt-out.

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This information is a summary and general overview. It is not intended to be comprehensive and it is not legal advice.